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Our oldest dog, Dixie, was born in 2002. Her health has always been very important to us. We have seen animals suffer needlessly due to the food and treats they eat. Dixie has eaten natural dog food and treats see 2006. Then in 2009, she was diagnosed with chronic Pancreatitis. Her pancreas does not process fats well. Keeping her healthy became even more important to us. We began reading labels very closely. After looking more closely at the labels of some "healthy" dog food and treats we were surprised to find fillers of corn and wheat. Dogs do not have the digestive enzymes to digest wheat and corn. We spent a long time searching for low-fat healthy food that is affordable for Dixie. We found many healthy dog foods and treats to be expensive. We have made the investment in these foods because she is our "lil girl". Due to her high-quality diet, she has never had another flare-up. She is now 17 years old. The cost of the expensive foods has been more than offset with the savings in vet bills. Seeing her healthy and enjoying her life is priceless. 


Over a three year period, we added two more pets to our family. Kona is a six year old British short-haired cat. He is the coolest cat. He was malnutrished from having to survive as a young cat on his own when he was abandoned as a kitten. Through an excellent diet he is a healthy and very happy cat. He makes us laugh every day. 


Ziva, is the newest addition to the family. She is a ten year old British Staffordshire Terrier. She has a very sensitive digestive system. By eating a raw and grain free diet she rarely gets sick. We have had her for four years. She wants to please us more than anything. She is our cuddle bug. 


We turned our personal passion into a business in May 2014. Adam ran the business full-time. He built the reputation as a knowledgable, kind, professional who takes the time to listen to each client's concerns before providing a response tailored to meet your individual needs. Adam follows up to see if your pet's health has improved. He truly wants everyone to have healthy pets because he knows how much they enrich our lives. Adam loves learning more about proper pet nutrition for dogs and cats that have health conditions. His skills don't end here. 


Adam is an incredibly talented artist. In November 2014, he began creating custom pet portraits. He is gifted with the ability to capture your pet's soul in the portrait. This part of the business took off so much that in April 2017 we changed our business model. He does creates custom pet portraits.   Closing the retail store was a tough decision, but one that will allow us to share our passion with more people. 



We hope you will allow Adam to capture the soul of your loved ones in a custom portrait. You will not be disappointed. 

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